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Bella's French dream has come ture

Date£º2018/9/28  Hits£º211

¡°Nothing is impossible to a willing heart¡± This old saying describe Bella very well.as a 27 year-old female,she is still very young in the society.but in the aupair program , 27 has a bit over aged.Bella has a

French dream since she was very young, she really wants to explore France trough au pair program because this is the most economical way to acheve all her desire and learn French.althoughFrance

has clear rules about the age ofaupairs 18-30 years old.but once you over 25 years old,you will take more rick on the visa application.Bella unfortunately failed her first time apply,but good things worth

to wait,at the second time apply,the immigration officerwas moved by her perseverance,gave her visa right away.Bella almost tears down when she got her visa.


Once Bella got her visa,her host family already could't wait to meet her and planning a big welcome party.Bella is a very talent girl ,cooking baking and knew lots of games that can play with kids.

the kids really like her .she also can tells lots of stores,many interesting things ,because she used to travel lots of countries like turkey ,thailand ,etc.she defenately will spend a wounderful aupair

year in France!


wish her a nice trip and good luck!