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Aupair in Australia?must be lots of fun!

Date2018/9/13  Hits162

How could you deeply explore the amazing Australia for free? holding fluffy kaola bears; feeding strong kangaroos; sufing in the gold coast,shopping in the melbourn and even farming in the farm.you could achieve all your desire in "aupair program in Austrilia".let's congratulation to Daisy,she has got her Working and holiday Visa(462visa) 2 days ago,and heading to her new family next week.

Daisy is a Chinese teacher,she used to work in China and Singapore,she knows well how to get along well with children,and has lots of childcare experience.she would love to take a break after few years working as a teacher,to see her top list country -Australia.she caught this great oppertunity-au pair program.within 30 years old,has driver license,has ITELS score 5.5,with hellopair's help and support.her dream came true.


Daisy is an out-going flexible,independent girl,she is very good at running and swimming,Austrilia is always the first country that she wants to travel and study.she is really admire the education in Australia.lucky her,The host family likes her profile a lot,and willing to offer her aupair job in Melbourn seaside.super great view around the house,also close to downtown,she will have a lot of free time to feel this country.and prepare her future plans.the homemom is a single mother with 2 girls,she is open-mind and welcomed,two girls like Daisy very much,they are looking forward to meet Daisy.


Wish Daisy a great aupair year in Austrilia!