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Wish Honora have an amazing aupair year in Sweden

Date2018/9/7  Hits161

Congrates our lucky girl Honora got her Sweden aupair permit card this morning! what's more? she will fly to Sweden tomorrow!I can tell that how much the host family eager to meet her.Honora is a very lucky girl,I still remember when she first time learnd about aupair program 3 months ago,and mow,she is ready to fly to another country that thousands mile away from China.she is a freshman in the university,plan to spend a gap year as an aupair,she is very attracted by Scandinavia countries,and just want to leave in September so that she could catch her sophomore on September 2019.Then the Janit family who from Sweden showed up.they were so interested in each other,after few times talk,they got a perfect match


It is a multiculture family ,homemom is a Italian,she could speak many languages and used to live in HongKong for 8 years,very familar with Chinese culture and love Chinese food.Homedad teaching in the university.they are gentle,manners with open-mind.there are twin boys in the family,1 year old,Honora likes them so much.they will spend an amazing year with a lot of fun for sure!


wish her all the best in Sweden!