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Good news ! Ete soon will start her aupair year in France

Date£º2018/8/31  Hits£º208

"Fate is always in your own hand." I heard so many young people complain about can't learn anything in their college,or boring life in the university.because playing games and browsing handphone are fulfilled their life.There are many possibilities in life, depending on how you choose£¬our brave Ete,just chose a way that so much different from others ,but a brilliant way-take a gap year,to be an aupair in France.

Ete s a smart girl with her own mind,she love french culture and eager to learn French.she knews the best to learn French is be active in local life.lucky her!A very nice French family like her a lot,and invited her to join in their family!


Ete is a talent girl who can do pretty handwriting and cooking ,she loves life,although she is a freshman in the university,she is very independent and a caring person.The host family wanted to hire an aupair who id from European country or Western country,but after they talked once,the family really like Ete and made up their mind to offer her this position.


Lets wish her an amazing aupair year in France!