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Large amoung intern positions available for Chinese young people

Date£º2018/8/24  Hits£º274

The first group of our hospatality interns in South East Asia almost finish their intern life overseas.They have earned high praise from hotel employers for their serious learning attitude and high level of service.in order to to cultivate talents in China's hotel industryas well as reserve talents for their hotel goup.large amoung of the positions available for Chinese interns.Hellopai as the cooperation agent of the hotel groups in China¡£We have a responsibility to provideyoung people in China with opportunities to broaden their horizons, as well as ways to grow and discover themselves


We provide good positions as Front desk reception,F&B department,Marketing department,sales departmet,etc,All positions can give a great performance and exercise to interns's ability.Free food and accomdations ,high intern salarys and bonos ,great opportunities to explore Southeast Asia cultue and gain the high starting point for your career.If you interested in any positions ,please contack Hellopair,we offer you a one to one service till you finish the whole program!