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Latest and Hottest intern positions in Bali

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In the year of beginning 2018,Hellopair launched "internship in Southeast Asia"program,which is welcomed and very popular by custmers.3 months has passed,according to the feedbacks from the first group interns,the program is successful with great harvest.Our interns has learned a lot ,achieved a big progress on English skills,professional skills,and communication skills,etc.In the meanwhile,our employers gave our Chinese interns great appraciate and high praise as "smart,diligence,flexible , responsible and fast-learners" congratulations to them!

So this time ,Due to the great collibration with top luxury Hotel Group - Ayana Spa & Resort Bali.Hellopar in charge of seeking qulified interns for their worldwilde famous Hotels.It will be a good news and a very good oppotunity for Chinese young people who are looking for intern positions or looking for their first job in career.


1 F&B Department

2 Sales Department

3 Marketing Department

Location options

                                                           Ayana Komodo Resort

Located in one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia¡¯s archipelago and famed for world-class hospitality with superior cuisine and unique service standard. They will be launching the first and only 5-star resort on Flores Island¡¯s breathtaking Waecicu Beach. Providing 13 suites and 192 premium guest rooms with flawless ocean view through a huge window touching the golden glow of tropical sunset.


                                                         Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali

Award-winning resort and spa and a world-class destination resort located on a cliff-top land perched above Jimbaran Bay. Offers an ocean-front view complemented by a white-sand beach with and integrated design of both Ayana and Rimba. Enjoy the most extensive facilities such as restaurant and bars including exclusive beach and beach club, pool and spa on the Rocks treatment and golf-putting along with fitness center.

Hellopair welcome all young people who are interested in this amazing job oppotunity,have strong self-confidence,want to challenge yourself and want a better life.please feel free to contact us!