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Lucy is on her way to Germany

Date2018/5/23  Hits247

Lucy is a pretty lucky girl,when she first came to Hellopair,she just retured from Germany as a school exchange student.she has stayed in Germany for 10months,and she fell deeply in love with Germany culture.so she would love to keep explored Germany as an au pair.of course she speak very good German .For not long time,Najia Family sent a request to lucy,wanted to know her more via skype.after few times contack ,The family really like Lucy and decided Hire Lucy as their au pair.


The Najia's family lives in a very pretty town called planegg- where close to Munich,Both homemom and homedad work very busy,so they need lucy to take care of their two little girls.to help with homework, to pick up from school,to make simple food for them,to keep them safe.the girls very lovely,and they alreday became good friends of lucy after few times contack.

Lucy will get her own living room and bathroom in the house ,260EUR/month for pocket money ,the family will support her with the language course,also the family will take lucy to holiday sometime.


Best wishes to Lucy!