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  • Lets congratulate Yang Nan, a Chinese au pair from Chongqing who just got her German visa after a month since she started her application. Yang is a cheerful and lively girl who likes to communicate. Being passionate of foreign languages and majored in Germanic...» MORE
  • Congratulations to Hellopair Agency for renewing its trust and membership to CAPA (China Au Pair Association) and IAPA (International Au pair Association) for the year 2019. Indeed, the agency has been operating since 2016 and has helped over 100 Chinese students to travel around ...» MORE
  • Who doesn't want to visit mysterious, fairyland,a country with thousands of lakes--Finland? All I have hear about Finland is the most Non-corrupt country, people are very honest and shy. what else? Should let rachel share with us her stories in Finland! Rachel is a morden girl who used in Gu...» MORE
  • who could refuse an optimize, talent, warm-hearted active young girl as the aupair for family, the best compinion for the kids. Tansy is a college girl, before gradustion,she would take the challenge being an aupair in US to achive her youth desire, to learn English,To explore the real american l...» MORE
  • Our pretty Jazz dance teacher Angelina has recieved her best Christmans gift ever- Sweden aupair Visa. which means she will meet her host family soon. Although christmas has passed,the winter coverd the whole country, but the warm friendly welcome party will be start in few days. Sinc...» MORE
  • What is the biggest day in Sweden of the year? Christmas! How exciting and lucy that our aupair Jinxiu could arrive her host family before christmas,the family already warm up and decorate a nice room as a big welcome for Jinxiu. It defenitely will become one of her most unforgettable memories in...» MORE
  • 2018 is the year of hellopair's rapid development and harvest. After a year of hard work, more and more young people are learning about international Au Pair projects. More and more people have enriched their life experience through this project, thus establishing their life goals. Here, hellopai...» MORE
  • Great news for all candidates and all young people who are will to be aupairs! Hellopair has become one of most trustwrthy partner agencies of Great aupair USA agency,who is one of the biggest aupair agency in US.Since 2001, They have helped over 1,000,000 families and aupairs safely connect onli...» MORE
  •                              Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) Group is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, with more than 6,700 hotels in 130 countries and territories, including direct-operated hotels, fr...» MORE
  • What do you know about Germany except football,beer and cars?You may say history,Buidings,Church,education,etc. That's all correct.The most attractive point for Corona is The Bavarian culture in Southern Germany.She is so interested in the old period stories about King Ludwig II and princess siss...» MORE
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