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  • Great news for all candidates and all young people who are will to be aupairs! Hellopair has become one of most trustwrthy partner agencies of Great aupair USA agency,who is one of the biggest aupair agency in US.Since 2001, They have helped over 1,000,000 families and aupairs safely connect onli...» MORE
  •                              Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) Group is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, with more than 6,700 hotels in 130 countries and territories, including direct-operated hotels, fr...» MORE
  • What do you know about Germany except football,beer and cars?You may say history,Buidings,Church,education,etc. That's all correct.The most attractive point for Corona is The Bavarian culture in Southern Germany.She is so interested in the old period stories about King Ludwig II and princess siss...» MORE
  • DiDi never imagin that she could match such a perfect family as her aupair host family.they are get along so well.we feel very happy to see that! DiDi is a very talent girl,she is a freshman in the university,major in English and German language.in her free time,she love to practise Tae kwon...» MORE
  •  we are very happy to see that Amanda enjoy her aupair life so much! It's a simple family located in Lyon France.there are 2 kids in the family,but only stay at home every other week.the rest time ,she attend to the language course 5 time a week,or hangout with some new friend. she really ac...» MORE
  • Winter is coming soon,but there was a good news warmed Ester up--She got he Norway aupair Visa.Since she has visit so many countries ,had seen so much beautuful things,Norway became her most ideal country that visit to.Mysterious aurora£»traditional Christmas culture ;friendly host family already ...» MORE
  • ¡°Nothing is impossible to a willing heart¡± This old saying describe Bella very well.as a 27 year-old female,she is still very young in the society.but in the aupair program , 27 has a bit over aged.Bella has a French dream since she was very young, she really wants to explore France trough ...» MORE
  • As we all know that most of countries don't accept male aupairs.Does it mean that male candidates can not attend to this great program?that's unfair!When god closes a door for you, he opens another window . There is a beautuful country,where has graceful scenery;precious wildlife;passionatepeople...» MORE
  • How could you deeply explore the amazing Australia for free? holding fluffy kaola bears; feeding strong kangaroos; sufing in the gold coast,shopping in the melbourn and even farming in the farm.you could achieve all your desire in "aupair program in Austrilia".let's congratulation to Daisy,she ha...» MORE
  • Congrates our lucky girl Honora got her Sweden aupair permit card this morning! what's more? she will fly to Sweden tomorrow!I can tell that how much the host family eager to meet her.Honora is a very lucky girl,I still remember when she first time learnd about aupair program 3 months ago,and mow...» MORE
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