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Expectation for aupairs

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As China is becoming a hot Au Pair¡¯s choice, some may wonder what I should do in the Chinese families as an Au Pair? What the family expect from me? The answer could always be very general as: do like a language coach, play with the children, give the whole family a language environment. Below is the ¡°Regulations regarding Au Pair Duties by China Au Pair Association (CAPA)¡± which will give you a full guideline of Au Pair¡¯s duties in China.

For Yourself

-Take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness of own bedroom
-Wash, iron and fold own clothes

Foreign Language Learning

-Help with oral practice
-Help with writing
-Help prepare for foreign language exams
-Help with translation or proof reading


-Wake children and help them wash and get dressed
-Make the bed for children and help them to sleep
-Prepare simple meals for children and clean up afterwards
-Bathe children and help them change dress
-Tell stories and sing songs for children
-Play indoor/outdoor games with children
-Accompany an d help children with their homework
-Take children to kindergarten/school or pick them up
-Assist Host Family discipline children

Cultural Exchange

-Introduce to the Host Family about your own culture and customs
-Prepare food, do sports, play music instruments, do handicrafts or draw together with the Host Family
-Join in all kinds of family activities

Light Household Choirs

-Vacuum floor and dust (for children¡¯s area only)
-Machine wash, iron and fold clothes (for children only)
-(occasionally) Dean up after family meals
-(occasionally) Prepare simple family dinner
-(occasionally) Help the Host Family buy grocery
-(occasionally)Light tidy/clean work with