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Why China?

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China is the fourth largest country in the world that attracts many visitors due to the rapid economic growth, rich traditions and numerous ancient heritage sites. The Au Pair in China offers you the opportunity to explore one of the most ancient cultures of the world which has 5000 years history. There are some specific reasons below:

í˘Diversified cultural:

There are 56 ethnic groups in China, so China is a country which has diversified cultural, so all the cultural and religion will be respected in China.

í˘Traditional cultural:
China has a lot of traditional cultural. Such as Chinese opera, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese calligraphy.
Chinese opera, Greekí»s tragedy and comedy and Indian Vatican are known as the world's three ancient drama culture. Changing faces is just a form of one kind of the Chinese opera.

Traditional Chinese medicine check your body through pressing the pulse. Acupuncture is a famous way of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese calligraphy is the writing art of Chinese characters. Each Chinese character can be written by a lot of ways.

í˘Part-time job:

As a foreigner, in your free time, you can find a part time job easily with a high salary.


Because of the vast area and the resourceful material, China has eight major cuisines. Every cuisine has its own features. No matter what favor you like, you can find it.

í˘Medical care:

For some countries, if you feel sick, you need to book an appointment and not sure how many days you gonna wait. In China, you can just go to the hospital and find a doctor you like.

í˘Convenience life:

In China, you can get all you want without going out. You can buy clothes, daily necessities, take-out and any other things from the Internet. And you doní»t need to carry cash with you, you can pay it by your phone.


Based on crime rates China is one of the safest countries in the world. According to the security consulting agency Control Risks, China is as safe as Europe. This is certainly a result of the strict legislation in China: firearms, gambling, prostitution, and pornography are prohibited. If you follow the same rules of conduct regarding your safety like at home, you should expect nothing bad to happen.

í˘Beautiful Scenery:

China has a lot of beautiful sceneries which 22 were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Terra Cotta Warriors is one of the eight wonders in the world. And China boosts a great transportation system, making it very easy and cheap for you to explore and move around.

í˘Chinese Traditional Festival:

Chinese value the meanings and the customs of the traditional festival. We will rest and get together to celebrate or memorize the festival. We will have about 20days off for one year.


Spoken by 20% of the world population, you will be likely to hear Mandarin all over the world. Following the rapid growth of China, Chinese language plays a more and more important role in world communication. So learn Mandarin is a useful skill for you.