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We do inbound and outbound business, there¡¯re so many Chinese au pairs who want to be a long-term au pair in Europe, Australia, America and so many Chinese host families who are looking forward to have a foreign au pair to accompany their children, so we are always looking for more agents and partners to provide the best options for our Host Families and foreign au pairs.

What all our partners get from us

Ø Placement of Chinese au pairs or Chinese host families as your need

Ø Arrangement of paperwork and visa works

Ø 24-hour emergency assistance

Ø  Au pair training course

Ø Offer your agency a commision for every au pair you send us or every host family you recommend

Ø  Certificate of participation at the end of the stay

Ø Consulting service during the whole au pair stay

Ø After the au pair has arrived we arrange a follow up call. The au pairs can sign up for our meet up group to find friends in the area.

Responsibilities of our partners

Ø Providing information and assess potential candidates or host families in their own language

Ø Arranging interviews with preselected candidates or host families

Ø Verifying the exactitude of reference checks, police and medical checks

Ø Recommending our au pairs or host families to your au pairs or host families

Ø Guiding your au pairs or host families to prepare paperwork or visa

We strive to the highest standard of selection process including screening and interviews for our Chinese au pairs and Chinese host families. We have a pretty good word of mouth as sending and receiving au pair agency.

We¡¯re looking forward to hear from potential partners who are interested in Chinese au pairs or Chinese host families, please contact us at service@hellopair.com.