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Which countries we expect?

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Australia is just one of its kind ØC a whole continent occupied by just one country, with friendly people and exotic fauna and flora that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Also it is know for the multiculturalism ØC roughly 25% of Australians were born in another country. There people from more than 200 countries, speaking different languages.

Can you become a Host Family in Australia?

Let your kids discover a new culture at a young age. They will be more open-minded and tolerant in the future if they have lived with someone from another country. In order to invite an Au Pair, hosts need to meet certain requirements, though:

”ł You should have at least one child under the age of 13
”ł There is a private bedroom at your house for the participant
”ł Your family can also provide the Au Pair with food and salary
”ł English is the spoken language in your family
”ł Your nationality is different than the Au Pair”Æs nationality

How to hire an Au Pair in Australia?
Au Pairs in Australia will need the Working Holiday visa. They will be allowed to work  and live in Australia for a certain amount of time. Each applicant has to meet requirements in order to be eligible for the visa:

”ł He/She needs to be between 18 and 30 years old.
”ł His/Her English skills have to be on a good level.
”ł The applicant has at least 5.000 AUD in her/his bank account and is able to pay for the flight.
”ł He/She applies for the visa for the first time.
”ł The candidate should be unmarried and not have children

Additional requirements for Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417):
”ł He/She has never been in Australia with a Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462)
Additional requirements for Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462):
”ł The applicant needs to meet the educational requirements of the application form.
”ł The government has to provide the candidate with a confirmation that they approve his/her stay in Australia.
Besides the official requirements there are some expectations the applicant has to meet:
”ł Experience in child care is necessary
”ł Each applicant should be healthy

If your chosen new family member is eligible to apply for a visa, there are only a few more steps to go:

Sign the Contract
The agreement is the most important document the Au Pair and you need, because if both of you sign it you can avoid problems and misunderstandings in the future. So everything that matters has to be in it.

Be safe - take care of Insurance!
For the Au Pair and the hosts it is really important that the participant can have a save stay in the host country. For that reason it is really important to get a health, accident and liability insurance. The Au Pair should get this insurance before the visa application, since the embassy might ask for a proof of insurance during the application process.
The applicant should pay for the insurance by himself/herself.


Paris, Marseille and Cannes are just some of the most cities that have make more than a few fall in love. France is one of the most beloved Au Pair destinations. Being the host for an Au Pair in France is the perfect chance to share a glimpse of the French lifestyle while having an affordable, flexible and multicultural childcare.

Can you become a Host Family?
Welcoming an Au Pair to your home is the chance to bring other cultures closer to your children! The official Au Pair program has established someregulations for families that will help to assure a pleasant stay for both parties. These are the requirements to fulfil to be part of the program:

”łHave at least one child under 18 years old
”łProvide the participant with a room (it cannot be shared with other family members or used for other activities)
”łBe able to afford the program costs (meals, salary, insurance, etc.)
”łBe willing to be part of a cultural program
”łFrench is the main language spoken at home

Hosting Chinese in France
France has some requirements for all those who are interested in becoming Au Pairs. Candidates from Chinese need a visa for their stay, so they need to take a couple of more steps than EU citizens. Being open to all nationalities will give you the possibility to choose from a larger pool of applicants.
Au Pairs are also expected to meet certain expectations for a successful stay:
”łFrench language skills - in order to be able to communicate with the world around them and the children, they should have at least a basic level of French. Even if the family speaks another language, this skill is important for the normal course of life.
”łChild care experience - taking care of the kids is the main duty of participants. For this reason, it is expected that he/she has enough experience and can handle any situation that might occur.
”łNeither to be married nor have children of his/her own
”łTo be medically fit for the job

How to hire an Au Pair from China ?
Participants from Non-European Union countries need to apply for a visa to get their residence permit in France. To do so, they will need to make an appointment at the French embassy and fulfil the requirements for the Au Pair visa:

”łAge: 18 - 30
”łAt least basic French language skills  (in some cases, applicants might need a certificate)
”łHigh school diploma or equivalent
”łPassport: must be valid for the complete length of the stay
”łSigned contract sent by the family
”łConfirmation of enrollment for a French language course
”łAble to pay the travel expenses (in some cases the Au Pair has to present a proof of the ability to cover the costs to the embassy)
”łClear criminal record
”łMotivation letter

If your candidate meets all the requirements then it is time to start planning the stay in France. These are the steps you will need to follow:

Sign the contract

Participants need to sign the contract with the Host Family.  It is important to make sure it includes points such as the working schedule, pocket money and insurance. Consider that this document must be approved by the DIRECCTE (Direction Rئgionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l”ÆEmploi).

Take care of the insurance for Au Pair

Au Pairs must have a private health insurance that protects them during the time in France. Although the Host Family is not obligated to pay for it, it is always recommended that they assist their guest with the costs.

Registration and residence permit

Once in France, Au Pairs will need to register at the local office. After that they need to process a residence permit at the foreign office. They will also need to register at the URSSAF (Unions de Recouvrement des cotisations de Sئcuritئ sociale et d'allocations familiales) within 8 days after the arrival.

Social Security number

In order for Au Pairs to get their social security number, Host Families have to register them at the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie).

Keep in mind that the language barrier and cultural differences might make this process complicated so your new family member will need your support.


Germany is a country that represents a mix of innovation, history and culture. Au Pair in Germany is one of the most popular experiences among the participants. Discover Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, living in Germany will let our Au Pairs experience a multicultural society, discover towns and landscapes that inspired fairy tales and, of course, learn German.
Au pairs in Germany will not only our Au pairs language skills but discover a multicultural society and interesting traditions through the host family. During this time, Au pairs will also have some responsibilities, mostly related to the host kids.

Can you become a Host Family in Germany?

Welcoming an applicant to Germany is much more than only having a responsible care for your children. It also means that they are being introduced to a new culture and language. However, to become a Host Family you will need to fulfil the following requirements:

”łHave at least one child under 16 years
”łGerman is the main language spoken at home
”łBe able to afford the program expenses such as meals, salary and health insurance for Germany.
”łHave a private room for the Au Pair. The room needs to have at least 8 square meters, have daylight and a door that can be locked.
”łBe willing to be part of a cultural exchange and treat the Au Pair as a family member

Hosting Chinese in Germany

Future Au Pairs are expected to be medically fit, without children of their own and experienced in child care. Keep in mind that they should be able to solve typical problems related to kids, establish rules and follow routines.
Besides these expectations, to become an Au Pair in Germany candidates need to meet specific requirements that vary according to their nationality. Non-EU applicants will have to take a few more steps than EU applicants. But if you are happy with your choice afterwards itӮs worth the effort.

How to hire an Au Pair from China ?
Participants from other nationalities need a visa or a residence permit for Germany. Germany has an official Au Pair program, therefore, they can apply for a special Au Pair visa at the German Embassy in their home country.

The requirements for Au Pairs from Non-European Union/EFTA member countries are:

”łAge: 18 - 26
”łAt least basic German knowledge (In some cases, the Au Pair will need an A1 certificate)
”łPassport - valid for the length of the stay
”łPossibility to afford the travel expenses
”łInvitation letter (required for some nationalities only)
”łMotivation letter (required for some nationalities only)

If your future Au Pair meets all the requirements then you will just need to follow these steps:

Prepare the paperwork for the visa
Sign the Au Pair agreement and prepare the invitation letter. Although it is not always required by the German embassy or consulate, it is also a good way to explain the expectations and the purpose of the stay.
Take care of the Au PairӮs insurance
German Host Families are in charge of paying an Au Pair insurance for Germany which includes a liability and accident insurance too. Please keep in mind that Non-European Union applicants will need the insurance confirmation to present at their appointment at the embassy.
Support your Au Pair during the visa process
Stay in touch with your candidate during the German visa process and be sure everything is going as planned to obtain the visa required to become an Au Pair in Germany.
Registration and residence permit
Once in Germany, Non-European Union participants must transform their visa into a residence permit. The Family should help him/her during this process at the corresponding foreign office (Ausländerbehörde).

Important: Nationals of the U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea can travel to Germany and apply for the residence permit. Please check the regulations to be sure.


Working as Au Pair in Sweden is a great opportunity to bring a new cultural taste in everyday host family life. Also, Au Pairs will get to know a new culture and introduce Chinese culture to Sweden family.

Can you become a Host Family?

With an Au Pair you wonӮt just find a reliable child care, but also someone who will be a big sister or a big brother for your children and therewith a new member to your family. You will get to know a totally different way of living and you will experience a once in a lifetime adventure with a stranger whom you will know pretty good after living together. If you want to host an Au Pair you have to fulfill specific criteria:

”łYou should have at least one child under the age of 18.
”łSwedish has to be the spoken language at your place.
”łA cultural exchange sounds exciting to you.
”łYou have a spare room the Au Pair can live in and can provide him/her with at least 3 meals a day and a salary of SEK 3.500 gross.
”łYou have a different nationality than your guest and are not related to him/her
”łIt”Æs not a problem for you to find a language course for your Au Pair that will fit the working schedule.

If the points above are easy for you to agree to and the program seems like a good solution to get an affordable child care, you can register today and find your Au Pair!

Hosting Chinese applicants in Sweden
It is better to rather ask too many questions than not enough. So read the requirements below and see if your applicant meet them:
”łIs the Au Pair 18 to 30 years old?
”łDoes the applicant have a husband or wife or has ever been married before?
”łWhat about own children?
”łIs her/his reason to stay in Sweden a general interest in the Swedish culture and language that can be proven?
”łDoes the applicant”Æs nationality differ from your own? The participant”Æs nationality is not Swedish, isn”Æt it?
”łDid the Au Pair save enough money to be able to cover the travel expenses?

Experience in child care is a must if the applicant wants to take part in the program, because the main responsibility will be to take care of the children, bring them to school and social activities, prepare meals for them and clean up their rooms. Do you see how essential experience in this field is?

How to hire an Au Pair from Chinese?

If you have found some interesting applicants you should talk on Skype with them and get to know them on a personal level. Now comes the hardest part: make the right decision! After you have chosen a young woman or a man to become your live-in child care you need to set up the contract which needs the signature of both parties. Only a few more steps and you can welcome your new family member:

Contract signature
All important details have to be included in the contract. Think about the payment, the working hours and the Au PairӮs free time. Hosts and participant need to sign it.
Support the applicant during the visa/work permit process
The process to get a work permit and visa to Sweden is something new for most of the participants. Therefore we recommend to give your new family member full support during the application. The applicant will definitely need all the important documents just as the contract. Make sure that the Au Pair has everything together.
Prepare for the Au PairӮs arrival
If you want to give your participant a warm welcome, prepare the room in a nice way. Decorate it a little bit, make it cozy. You should also plan the arrival and know when you will have to pick the Au Pair up.
Apply for a resident permit at the Migration Office
If the Au Pair stays in Sweden for more than 3 months he/she has to get an appointment with the local Migration Board Permit Unit. They will take the applicant”Æs fingerprints and a photo in order to provide the participant with  a resident permit card.
Registration at the Tax Office
Then the participant has to get registered with the Swedish tax agency Skatteverket because they have to pay taxes depending on the amount of salary they get.

Au Pair Insurance in Sweden
In Sweden the participants need to register with the social insurance agency Försäkringkassan, to have full health insurance during the stay.  They should still check for a liability and an accident insurance to have a safe residence.


The land of tulips and bike lovers is rich in history in Netherlands. Netherlands are a great option to be Au Pair for practice English and learn Dutch. Tide bike in Amsterdam and discover the tulip fields while learning Dutch as an Au Pair in the Netherlands.

Can you become a Host Family in the Netherlands?

Open the doors of your house to an international family member! Welcoming an Au Pair is the perfect chance for your kids to become more open-minded by getting to know another culture. These are the requirements for Host Families in the Netherlands:

”łHave at least one child under the age of 18
”łBe able to pay the Au Pairs expenses (meals, salary, insurance, etc.)
”łHave a private room for your guest at the family home.
”łThe family composes of 2 or more members. These persons have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit for the Netherlands.

”łFamilies and Au Pairs cannot be related.

”łThey must be registered in the Netherlands in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) of the corresponding municipality.

Hosting EU and Non-EU applicants in the Netherlands
Candidates for the Netherlands will need to meet some general expectations, for example:

”łGood English knowledge - most agencies and families require Au Pairs to have very good English skills to be able to communicate with them. During their stay, candidates will also learn Dutch.
”łChild care experience
”łNot being married or having children of their own.

”łBeing healthy

How to hire an Au Pair from China ?

Candidates with Non-European Union nationalities need a visa/residence permit to live the experience in the Netherlands. For this process, they will need the assistance of one of the agencies approved by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

The requirements for the Au Pair program in the Netherlands are:

”łAge: between 18 - 31
”łPassport (it should be valid for the length of the stay)
”łAbility to afford the visa and travel expenses
”łThe participant cannot be related to the Host Family
”łAu Pair contract - provided by one of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) approved agencies.
”łThe candidate has never had a residence permit for exchange purposes in the Netherlands
”łThe Au Pair has never worked for the Host Family

If your applicant fulfils all the requirements, it is time to make the final arrangements.  Have a look at the following steps:

Get your agency
Host Families need to contact one of the agencies recognized by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). The agency will manage the rest of the process, provide an official contract and start a residence procedure for a MVV (Temporary Residence Permit) and/or a VVR (Residence Permit Regular).
Take care of the insurance
Official regulations establish that all residents in the Netherlands need to have a health insurance. This can be acquired within four months after the arrival. To avoid any unnecessary and unexpected fees, we recommend to get a private health insurance in the Netherlands that covers accidents, illnesses and liability.
Residence permit
Once in the Netherlands, Au Pairs must register at the local office within the first two weeks of their arrival. Afterwards, they will be able to obtain the residence permit. The IND will send all the information to the Au Pair agency which will contact the Au Pair and provider her/him with more information about the process. It is not necessary to make an appointment to pick up the residence permit.


Norway is a stunningly beautiful country, with rapidly developing economy and one of the highest life standards in the world. The country successfully blends modern lifestyle with old fairytales.

Can you become a Host Family in Norway?
Host Families need to meet some requirements to host an Au Pair in Norway and start this cultural exchange with all the program benefits. Make sure that you meet the following requirements:

”łYou have at least one child younger than 18 years.
”łYou want to host only one Au Pair at a time.
”łYou are able to afford the costs of the program.
”łYou have a private room for the new family member.
”łYou are able to pay for the Norwegian language course (at least NOK 8,400 per year).
”łYou are willing to pay the insurance in Norway.
”łYou are willing to sign the official contract from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

”łYou are willing to consider the Au Pair a family member.

Hosting Chinese in Norway
There are some official requirements candidates need to meet to live this adventure in Norway. Candidates from Non-EU/EFTA member countries need toapply for a visa to be part of the program. Nevertheless, by keeping the doors open to all participants you have a better chance to find the right candidate for your family.
In general, Au Pairs need to have experience in taking care of children, be healthy and canӮt have children of their own or even be married. Of course they also have to be interested in immersing themselves in the Scandinavian culture and learn Norwegian.

How to hire an Au Pair from China ?

Candidates outside of the European Union/EFTA need to apply for a visa in their home country and then apply for a residence permit in Norway. These are the requirements to be part of the experience:

”łAge: between 18 - 29 (at the time of applying for the visa)
”łPassport (it should be valid for the length of the stay)
”łAbility to afford the visa and travel expenses
”łMust be willing to sign the contract provided by one of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) approved agencies.
”łThe Au Pair has to show the will to return to his/her home country at the end of the stay. The circumstances in their home country must also indicate that they will be able to return.

If youӮve found the right candidate you will need to make the agreement official through the contract. Afterwards, there are just a couple of arrangements to take care of. These are the steps to follow:
Insurance and Tuberculosis test
Although Au Pairs automatically become a member of the Norwegian National Insurance scheme once the residence permit is valid, we suggest to get aprivate health insurance in addition. It should cover accidents, illness and liability during the length of the stay.
Host Families also have to make sure that their new family member takes the mandatory tuberculosis test as soon as the Au Pair arrives in Norway.
Residence Permit
All Non-European Union/EFTA citizens must register at the corresponding office to process their residence permit in Norway. This should be done within the first days of the arrival.
Enroll to Social Security System
After registering and processing the residence permit, the Au Pair will have to enroll to the Social Security System. Participants will get an ID number and an income tax card at the corresponding office. It is important to mention that Host Families are in charge of paying for the taxes on behalf of their Au Pair. That means that the Au PairӮs salary should include an extra amount to be deduced as an income tax.


Denmark is the happiest country in the world, and Denmark is the oldest monarchy worldwide. Denmark surely is a unique place ØC the country consists of over 100 islands, among which you can find also Greenland. Some of the Danish islands are not even inhabited. What is also amazing, there is no place in Denmark that is more than 50km from the sea. Au pair in Denmark is Chinese target.

Can you become a Host Family?
To host an Au Pair in Denmark, families need to meet the following requirements:

”łAt least one child under the age of 16 must be living at home. The child must be registered at the family's address.
”łIdeally, at least one parent must be a Danish citizen, so the Au Pair has a real chance to learn the Danish language and culture. However, it is also possible to host an Au Pair if the parents are EU/EEA or Swiss citizens residing legally in Denmark.
”łThe family must be able to afford the Au Pair Program expenses (meals, salary, insurance for the Au Pair, etc.).
”łThey need to provide a private room to the participant.
”łThe Host Family should not make their living through social assistance by the state. So at least one of the parents should have an employment.
”łHost Families must pay DKK 5170 (2017 level) to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration.
”łNo bans or penalties during participation in the Au Pair in Denmark in the past for abuse of the Au Pair scheme.

Hosting Chinese applicants in Denmark

Make sure that the candidates you are interested in meet all the requirements to be an Au Pair in Denmark:
”łAge: 18 to 29 (Canadian Au Pairs may reach the age of 35 - read more about the visa regulations)
”łThe Au Pair has never been married or been in any other registered relationship
”łNo children of his/her own
”łKnowledge of either Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English or German
”łThe applicant has never had a Danish residence permit before
”łShe/He has not been an Au Pair in Denmark for more than a year before
”łThe candidate is not related to any Host Family members.

How to hire an Au Pair from China?
Once youӮve found a suitable member, exchanged some messages and had some video calls you need to make a decision. Afterwards there are just some arrangements to make regarding the visa and residence permit that candidates from countries that are not part of the European Union/EFTA need in order to live the experience in Denmark. Here are the steps to follow:
Sign the Au Pair contract
The applicant and the Host Family must sign the official contract established by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. Find out more information about the contract and insurance in Denmark.
Insurance in Denmark
Host Families must pay the following insurances for their new member: insurance against industrial injuries, insurance against personal injury outside work and insurance covering transportation to the home country in the case of death, serious illness or injury. Keep in mind that a private health insurance is the way to prevent any unpleasant surprises and high fees.
Get a Case Order ID
In order to get the residence permit, Host Families and Au Pairs have to create a Case Order ID and pay a case processing fee. He/She will need the ID for the application.

”łSubmit the application
After getting the Case Order ID, families can start the application for the residence permit. This can be filled out online or on a printed form.
Payment to the International Recruitment and Integration
Host Families must pay DKK 5170 to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. This fee covers the Danish state's expenses for Danish language classes for the participant. However, it is not refundable if he/she does not attend Danish language courses or if the contract is terminated in advance.
”łResidence Permit
In Denmark, participants will need to register at the State Administration within the first 14 days of their stay in the country.


Finland is a fascinating country with numerous national parks, vibrant cities and beautiful islands. Au Pair in Finland is a great opportunity to improve English knowledge and learn one of the local language. Living in Finland is also a perfect opportunity to discover the wilderness of nature and enjoy the north of Europe.

Can you become a Host Family?

There are many benefits of the Au Pair program for a family. If you are excited about this opportunity, let's look into the official requirements for the Host Families. To welcome an Au Pair at your home you need to meet the following criteria:
”łYou have a kid under the age of 18 years.
”łThe spoken language in your house is Finnish or Swedish.
”łYou want to welcome a girl or a boy as a new family member and experience a cultural exchange.
”łYou can provide the participant with food, a salary (at least 280 € a month) and take care of other program expenses
”łYou can provide the Au Pair with a private room in your house which he/she doesn”Æt have to share with other family members.
”łYour family will accept the working hours of the Au Pair.

”łYour nationality differs from his/hers.

How to hire an Au Pair from China?

After youӮve found some applicants you like, you can organize an interview a few times and decide which candidate will stay with your family. Afterward you need to set up a contract which needs the signature of both, the family and the applicant. There are only a few more steps left:
Sign the contract

Think of all the important details of cooperation and include them in the contract, just as the schedule, payment and holidays. Both parties need to sign the contract.

Take care of the Au Pair insurance for Finland

The Au Pairs in Finland need to get an insurance that will cover medical cases and accidents. They will also need a liability insurance. Make sure that they have taken care of this important matter.

Support the Au Pair with the visa process

The Au Pair might need some help to apply for the visa to Finland. Provide the candidate with the important documents like the contract and always offer your assistance.

Get ready for the Au Pair

The Au Pair will need a private room so make sure that you have a nice and comfortable accommodation for your new family member. Maybe you want to get some candles or pictures to make the room cozier. Talk to the Au Pair about the arrival and pick her/him up at the airport and enjoy the time together.

Payment to the International Recruitment and Integration

Since the Au Pair has to pay 24.2% of taxes from the salary, accommodation and boarding, the participant has to register in Finland. The Host Family and the Au Pair pay 18.65% and 5.55% of the total tax amount accordingly. The minimum monthly allowance is 280 Euro including the pension insurance.
Switzerland is the home to numerous Alps peals. Pristine lakes, greenish villages and beautiful cities. This country is a famous for some of the highest life standard is the world and a long life expectancy.

Being an Au Pair in Switzerland can learn more about this country and culture, improve one or more languages spoken, experience the local lifestyle.

Can you become a Host Family in Switzerland?

If you would like to host an Au Pair in Switzerland you need to meet the following criteria of participation:
”łYou have at least one child of school age or younger.
”łYou speak the language of the area where you live.
”łYou can offer accommodation for the Au Pair, regular meals, pocket money and help with the insurance.
”łYou will help your candidate to find a language course and cover the costs. Take care that the working schedule is built in a way that the participant will be able to attend this course weekly.

Hosting Chinese Switzerland

In addition to standard program requirements that we will look into below, there are some general expectations for participants. For instance, they need to be medically fit and healthy to be able to work with children and do some responsibilities around the house. In addition to this, they need to be unmarried, without their own children and have some child care experience as this will be the main responsibility of the Au Pair in your home. We also recommend that an applicant speaks the language of your family a bit already so you can understand each other better.

How to hire an Au Pair from China?

The regulations for Non-EU citizens differ a bit. The participation criteria for Switzerland is the following:
”łAge: 18 - 30 years old
”łEducation: at least high school diploma
”łThe applicant”Æs country has a diplomatic relation with Switzerland
”łThe applicant is eligible for the visa application
Note that you can find a suitable candidate at AuPair.com, but you will need to clear all further documentation through an agency recognized by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), so the further steps after signing the contract will be the following:

Choose an agency

Talk to your Au Pair and choose an agency recognized by SECO together for further documentation and formalities.

Apply for the work and residence permit for the Au Pair

Since the Au Pair program is an employment in Switzerland, you need to apply for a work and residence permit for your Au Pair at your cantonal immigration authority. For this you will need the following documents
”łApplication form provided by the canton
”łA copy of the applicant”Æs passport
”łThe contract
”łA confirmation of the placement from the recognized agency
”łApplicant”Æs pre-registration for a language course of the canton
”łRegistration with a Swiss health insurance company
The process of the document analysis can take up to four weeks.

Help your Au Pair with the documents for the visa application

Participants who need a visa need to submit all required documents in the respective embassy or other diplomatic authorities of Switzerland in their country. In addition to the applicantӮs documents like passport, birth certificate, application form, they will require the Au Pair contract from you.
All the documents need to be submitted in English or one of the official languages of Switzerland. The translation should be done by an authorized translator.

Register your Au Pair after arrival.

Within 8 days after the arrival in Switzerland you need to register your Au Pair at the cantonal registration office. You will need the passport of the applicant, entry permit and a few other documents depending on the canton. The registration will help the applicant to get an identity card from the immigration office. It will serve as work and residence permit.

Clear the insurance of the Au Pair

Both your family and your Au Pair will need to pay contributions for the insurance in Switzerland. As your family is an employer of an Au Pair in Switzerland you will need to help the applicant with health, accident, pension and unemployment insurance. For this you need to apply for a social insurance certificate. The contributions will be partially taken from the applicantӮs pocket money and the other part will be covered by your family.


Although Belgium is a small country, it is a great option for Chinese Au Pair who want to learn French and travel around Western Europe. Living in Belgium will be a perfect opportunity to learn about multiculturalism and enjoy the best of Europe. Belgium has three official languages, French, Dutch and German are all recognized. This country is definitely and interesting mix of cultures.

Can you become a Host Family?

Host Families get many other benefits of the Au Pair experience beyond the child care. There are certain requirements for Host Families in Belgium:
”łAt least one child under the age of 13.
”łPossibility to cover meals, salary , insurance in Belgium for the Au Pair and few other program expenses.
”łA private room for the Au Pair in the family”Æs home
”łConsider the Au Pair as a part of the family and respect her/his privacy

Hosting Chinese applicants in Belgium

Candidates of the Au Pair program need to meet certain requirements according to their nationality. Due to visa regulations the participants from Non-EU countries have a few extra steps to follow. We will guide you through them.
There are also some general expectations for all the Au Pairs, for example: being healthy, not having children of their own or not being married, having enough child care experience. The last one is especially important since it is the participantӮs main task.

How to hire an Au Pair from China?

Candidates from Non-European Union countries need a visa to Belgium. This permit is processed by the Belgian Embassy in the Au PairӮs home country and is needed to get a residence permit.
Belgium has an official Au Pair program so there is a special visa for participants. These are the requirements they must meet:
”łAge: 18 - 25
”łBasic language skills in at least one of the three national languages (French, German and Dutch)
”łHigh school diploma (or equivalent) that grants a higher education
”łPassport: Valid for the length of the stay
”łSigned contract
”łClean criminal record
”łAble to cover the visa and travel expenses
”łWilling to attend language or culture related courses during the stay
”łThe candidate has not previously had a work permit in Belgium

If your candidate meets all the requirements then you can start planning the stay! Have a look at the following steps:

Sign the contract

Be sure to have a legal and organized stay with the contract. It must include the most important aspects of the stay such as working hours, free time and salary. The candidate will also need this document for a visa.

Request the work permit

Applicants have to present the Employment Authorization Type B which needs to be requested and sent by the hosts before the appointment at the embassy.

Get an insurance

Do not forget to get a private health insurance and avoid any unpleasant surprises and unaffordable fees. The insurance should cover accidents and illness during the whole stay.

Help with the visa application

Send all the paperwork thatӮs needed for opening a visa to Belgium and clear any questions your Au Pair might have regarding the stay. Note that the visa process might take a couple of weeks.

Take care of registration

Once in Belgium, Au Pairs must register at the local office within the first 8 days of the stay. After that, he/she will need to transform the visa into a residence permit at the foreign office. The family can make this process easier and help to prevent problems with the official regulations.

Consider that the validity of the residence permit may not exceed 1 year. Help the applicant to get in touch with the authorities to find out the specific requirements and make an appointment online.