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Why Hellopair?


- Thorough Recruitment, interviewing, screening and selection of each au pair and host family

- Recommend Au Pairs or host families from good backgrounds who have real motivations as au pair or as host families

- Year-long support and assistance

- Online training ensures a very high success rate.

- Free transportation from Orientation and Training Program to host family’s home.

- Personalized, individual, professional service.

What we could do for you?
Chinese Host Families

If you are a foreign au pair, Hellopair offers Chinese families childcare services that are a great alternative to daycare centers and nannies. The au pair program is an educational and cultural exchange program designed to give foreign nationals a great opportunity to live with a Chinese host family and participate directly in their home life while providing limited childcare services.

Chinese Au Pairs

If you are foreign host family,Hellopair offers free matching servise between Chinese aupairs and foreign families.Both of two sides can enjoy the mutually benefical opportunity for culture exchange purpose throgh this program. All candidates who recommeded by us have to pass the strict filtering conditions.Au pairs provide not only carefully child-care but also household duties up to 30 hours per week.besides that,as a new member of host family,aupair would love to share different culture,traditions and learning new language.Please come to us and meet your perfect aupair by our professional recommedation.

Registration to Placement

1. Register for free

2. Telephone, mail, Skype, twitter consultation with agency

3. Review selection of candidates

4. Skype interviews organized with your preferred candidate(s) (guidelines provided)

5. Book your Au Pair or host family via our online form

6. Confirmation of placement - both parties will be sent guides to hosting/being an Au Pair.

7. Agreement between host family and au pair

8. Paper work in our guidelines and apply visa or work permit

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